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   So you wanna go camping do ya? Well don't be scared, we're not climbing Mount Everest ok? You're not going to have to trudge across the tundra mile after mile to get to some godforsaken slab where you set up your tent in a blizzard. We're not about that.
   In fact, for a lot less than $100 you can be pretty well equipped and comfortable for car camping from your local Wal-Mart or Target. 

Here's a short list of stuff you need:

A tent
A sleeping bag or blankets & pillows
A chair
A cooler for your drinks
A cup (everyone's got one of those)
A bowl/plate and some utensils
Some stuff to eat and share
Firewood to contribute to the community pyre
Warm clothes

And here's a short list of stuff you won't need:

Pants (just kidding!)

   That's pretty much it! For more information see our primer


    The basic concept of the Las Vegas Mooners is to get out of the house and enjoy some vittles by a camp fire. We do this all the time. it's pretty simple, throw your stuff in your car, drive to where we're set up, pitch your tent, and aaahhhh RELAX.
   Our campouts are not serious events, this is about having fun, we're not going to charge you to go camping. We don't want to take anything from you. We want you to be part of our community and enjoy some of the natural wonders that Southern Nevada has to offer, and there's A LOT of them out here!
   Sound like fun? It is. And we do it every month (more or less) so don't stress about missing an event, we'll be back out there doing it again next month.
   Our only tenant is NO SPECTATORS. this is not a swingers club, this is not a place to come cheat on your wife or husband, this is not a source for illegal substances, IT'S JUST ABOUT CAMPING AND EATING STUFF. You are expected to bring something to share with the group, usually our events are themed; "Soupstock" was about soups and stews, "Cheesestock" was about dishes made with and containing cheese, "Chocolatestock" was about chocolate. Are you starting to see a pattern here?
   Got an idea for a trip? Tell us! There are no rules other than what we make so get involved and have some fun.



The Moon, our friend