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The Las Vegas Mooners was started by members of the Las Vegas Burningman community. Though this is certainly not a Burningman event in the traditional sense, we still hold true to some of the main Burningman tradtitions. Namely "leave no trace", and "no spectators". Another major part of these gatherings is fire. This is why we ask you to bring some firewood when you come out. We like our campfires! Fire is good.

Firewood can be store bought at most convenience stores in the greater Las Vegas area for about $4 a bundle, but there is another FREE option:

Look around the area at all the new construction. If you find the houses that are just being framed in (raw wood, no walls or roof yet) there are usually huge piles of scrap wood laying out front that they will let you take for free if you only ask. Try to get chunks of wood that are free of nails and other foreign objects. Also, don't grab wood that is pressure treated (it's the stuff that's colored green) this puts of toxic chemicals when it burns. Get chunks of 2x4's about 2 feet long, or even better is the big roof timbers. 
   Don't be shy. March right up to that construction crew and say "hey is this scrap wood and can I have some?" 9 out of 10 times it's no problem at all. It burns really well, and best of all, it's FREE.
   How much of this free wood you get is up to you and how much you can fit in your car. But generaly speaking, 3-4 'arm loads' is appropriate per person at our gatherings. If everyone brings some firewood, then we'll probably be good for the whole night.
   Sometimes we go through A LOT of firewood, like when we did "Soupstock" in February of 2004 and it was so friggin' cold that the dogs water dishes froze solid by the next morning. (ask us to describe that one sometime) Sometimes we don't use it all up, and we'll usually leave the extra for whomever uses the campsite the next time.


Fire is our friend