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I don't often endorse people, products, or companies, but here's a few links to companies & individuals I'm interested in or that I'm sure won't let you down.

The Las Vegas Stagehands group on Yahoo groups
Still in it's infancy but hopefully this will be the place to find people & info about Sin City production resources as the group grows.

LMG Productions Inc.
One of the big boys of audio & video, first rate gear & people. One of the largest Dvdosc inventories around

On Stage Audio Corp
First rate audio production company. JBL Vertech systems for days. These guys can & have done everything.

Individual engineers links
I've worked with these guys, and I trust them. If they're here, they're simply world class.

Prosound Web
Ground zero for live audio on the net


Vdosc training in Las Vegas 12-02