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 Eating while camping can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences you will even have. It can also be quite challenging and result in Chili with Beans spilling all over the inside of your car.
  The bright side is that after that happens, it's always a FIESTA whenever you get in your car to drive! Mmmmmmm, rancid chili stench!

  The point is, how much work are you willing to do to have a good meal away from your house (& dishwasher) and how much clean up are you willing to do? If you plan it out right and maybe ask for some help, it can be pretty easy, and you'll be a god when you whip out your home made creation and share it with the group.
   We've seen people survive entire weekends on nothing more that pop tarts, beef jerky, and beer. Not very interesting but cleanup's a snap. We've also seen people prepare magnificent meals that left the group begging for more, and then pack it all away like it was nothing. It was, because these people took the time to PLAN what they we're going to create.

  Think about what you would like to eat while camping. Would you like a steak? You're going to need a grill or at least a grate to put over the fire to cook it. Soup? Salad? Shrimp Scampi? Prepare it at home, seal it up tight (see 'the great chilly disaster' above) and bring it on out.
  Most stuff will keep pretty well for at least a few days in a cooler full of ice.  Other options include stuff that can easily be prepared on site. Peanut butter & jelly can be made by anyone no matter how inexperienced or drunk. We have a little Coleman propane stove with a grill on it, there's virtually nothing we can't cook on site. And don't forget the morning coffee.

  Cleanup is best done with Dr. Bronners camp soap (doesn't pollute the environment) and water, or what one of us does is simply seal all the dirty stuff into a tupperware container and wash it all when they get back home.
  The main thing is to be comfortable and not stress out, but there's no reason to go hungry or thirsty. With a little practice you can be whipping out first rate food for yourself and for your campmates. And while your sitting back eating that perfectly prepared porterhouse or tofu salad you may think to yourself "I wonder what the little people are doing tonight?"
  They're probably in the drive through at Burger King trying to understand what the person in the first window is saying.

   Food is a major part of our events. Be creative, be original, and have fun with it. The sky's the limit but you gotta bring something, because after all, this is about PARTICIPATION.