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JULY 31st 2004 FROM 3pm ONWARDS

From Las Vegas, take the Pahrump Highway (Hwy 160) west towards Pahrump.
When you get to Mountain Springs Summit, zero out your odometer here.
The sign is on the left hand side of the road, watch for it. It's the top of the hill if you miss it.
Mountain Springs Summit


Stay on 160. Go down the hill 3.5 miles to Lovell Canyon Rd. on your right.
Lovell Canyon Sign

Here's the right turn onto Lovell Canyon Rd.
Lovell Canyon Turn

Drive 4.6 miles up Lovell Canyon Rd to an unmarked left turn. We may put a sign out that says "Veggie"
Here's a shot of this unnamed left turn
Left turn to camp

Drive 1/10 of a mile to the site. The road dead ends into it.

The site is at 36.04.925 X 115.33.773 and sits at 5,300 feet. Bring warm clothes.

Here's the view of Mt Charleston from the site

Pretty cool huh? We think so. BRING FRUIT TO SHARE and BRING FIREWOOD!

There is no cell phone service on this site.

And as is always the case with our campouts,
If you don't know the way PLEASE DON'T DRIVE IT AT NIGHT we want you here alive in one piece.

For a printable PDF version of these directions click HERE

For a text version click HERE

Here's a link to the site on TOPOZONE

Visit Hitler's vacation hidewaway HERE

TO RSVP or to ask questions (like 'what the hell is WRONG with you people?')
please email here