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Las Vegas Mooners

We're just not right

It gets us out of the house

Lather, rinse, repeat

Fire is an important part of our events

The Las  Vegas Mooners (LVM) is a very loosely organized group that goes out into the desert on or near each full moon,  to camp, drink, eat, burn stuff, and generally have fun. The main goal is fun and to leave our 'normal' lives behind for a day or two and get out of the house. ALL ARE WELCOME, with a few caveats (see below).

Our trips are themed around food. The only rule is NO SPECTATORS.  You are expected to bring everything you need to survive overnight in a  desert environment. No services are provided. You are therefore expected to leave no trace and clean up after yourself completely. You are also expected to bring something to share with the group, some food, some art, something uniquely of yourself  and  perhaps most importantly, some firewood. Well behaved kids and manageable pets are always allowed at our events, bring 'em!

LVM moves these events around the Las Vegas area. Usually not more than an hour or so from the strip. All events will be easily accessible by passenger car. But to keep it interesting, we're going to make you explore a little bit. Bet you didn't even know there was this much cool stuff out there huh? Neither did we until we started looking.


We are not a singles group looking for dates even though some of us are in fact single. We are not your source for illegal or controlled substances.  We are not religious fundamentalists looking to convert you to our cult. We are not a swingers group. We are not here to entertain you,  because you are here to entertain you, get it? We are not exclusionary, but we can & will be if you pull any of the above with us.  Life is too short for games, so don't waste our & your time. This is simply about camping and eating stuff, and that's all it's about. There's literally dozens of groups in Las Vegas about that other stuff, this is not one of them.


Good! So take a few minutes to surf around this very modest web site and learn more about us, take a look at the pictures from past events, and think about how you can participate in what we're doing here. Welcome to the petri dish.