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These are people that I would trust my life to, and in many cases I have. These are engineers that I would want to work with anytime. This is not a list of guys from some newsgroup that I traded links with, these are people that I've heard mix a show and I've seen how they act with clients; always on top of it, and always smiling. 

Dennis Craig, Audios Amigos, Dennis is one of the best engineers I've ever met or had the pleasure to work with, (we've been on two tours together) and his long list of tours & shows is a testament to how good he really is. Dennis mainly does Broadway tours. But he's certainly more than capable of handling anything you can throw at him. First rate all the way. 

Francis Elers, Francis is another world class Broadway guy. He was my A1 on the Grease tour. There's not much Francis hasn't done in this business. From major touring to festivals and corporate touring (ask him about living on the jet sometime!) Francis is a class act. He REALLY knows this business.