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The Las Vegas Mooners present
Saturday – JUNE 5’th 2004 from noon(ish) onwards into the evening.

Soupstock was just not right, Cheesestock kicked major a*s, Chocolatestock was chocolate waffles with hot butter & whipped cream….. for dinner. (Damn, need we say more?) Veggiestock was fantastic.
And now………

MEATSTOCK is coming!! MEATSTOCK is car camping (not backpacking) with other crazy people in a desert environment while eating and sharing MEAT creations with other participants. Oh yea, there’s the beer too.

MEATSTOCK is radical self-reliance, radical self expression and participation. You are expected to bring everything that you need to be comfortable for a full night out in the desert environment. This campsite has been known to get chilly so bring WARM CLOTHES too. You are also expected to bring MEAT to share (of course), and never forget, the all-important FIREWOOD.

Any recipe containing MEAT (and even one's that don't) is welcome at MEATSTOCK, be creative, come up with something new.

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and even if you don’t spend the night with us, come on out for the afternoon or evening and enjoy some MEAT (we know, we think it's funny too) and have a cold one! This is very casual. All the normal customs & courtesies apply: “Pack it in pack it out” “Leave no trace” “No spectators”.

 This is a kid & pet friendly event and anyone (& we DO mean anyone) is welcome as long as they participate and respect everyone else.  So all of you freaks, partiers, jammers, artists, cacklers, pagans, burners, even you lurkers that we don’t know yet get yer butts out to Campsite "X" and get ready for some fun. But please bring some MEAT to share or we will be sending you back home after we flog you.

The Las Vegas Mooners holds monthly camping trips on or near the full moon.

ALL ARE WELCOME. The LVM is about participation and leaving our ‘normal’ lives behind for a night or two and just being out of the house and away from the phone etc around other creative and interesting people. That’s really all there is to it. Pretty simple huh?

So, once you understand what we're doing and you decide you want to come out (& we hope you do) feel free to go look at the
directions to Las Vegas MEATSTOCK which are here:
Printable text directions are here
RSVP or ask questions to:  cameronATalpha66DOTcom