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Being a classicaly trained musician & music producer on the side has it's advantages in this business. I am an incredibly diverse technician & designer with a wide range of talents & interests. What this means to you is, that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to hiring me.

Some of the services I provide include

  • System design and analysis
  • SIA Smaart software (and I know how to use it)
  • Front of House mixing, from huge general sessions & awards ceremonies with name talent, to breakouts
  • High end audio editing to & from any format, on the fly, on site
  • Wireless frequency scanning, and plotting using advanced software
  • Deck sound, (A2)
  • System tech
  • RTS, Clearcom & wireless communictions systems
  • Custom awards, playups, and walk in CD's (awards CD's are my specialty)
  • Voice over recording in my private studio
  • Small run duplication with super fast turnaround times
  • Live Recording and mix down
  • Web casts & remote broadcasts
  • Rigging & rigging analysis
  • Electrical distribution and trouble shooting

A major convention setup